Come Near The Island So I Can See You Please

To wake up alone

Beside your tired body

As it rolls and it circles

The spasms and the throbbing

Your eyes are closed like diamond mines

Reserved from nobody’s knowing except mine

To tickle every muscle asleep

Without a squeak or rustle or creek

Inclined, for it is impossible to know how the fish sleep and where they go when so…

I trace your lips, soft and living

I stroke your head down from the beginning

I place protective hands onto your chest

I really must protest to the fact that I went to sleep, begrudging

Like river mud slugging onto foreign banks

I bleed into an island of my own judging

While you pass by, a sleeping fish

I’ve plucked you from the sea of sleep to give you a kiss

For it’s hard to know just how a fish sleeps, and where they end up flowing…

You’re awake now

I couldn’t let the current build

The islands yield welcomes not a spirit revealed

My spears in hand, I scratch in hard to make you feel

Your diamond eyes, stiff-open like metal wield

I know I’ve caught you

But what happens now

Should I put you back into bed,

Are you sleeping now?

Fish dancing next to me on the beach

You’re short of breathe like me, but what is shallow to me

Be to you – steep

I lay down with you

And roll back into the ocean

The other birds are cackling and rife with emotion

Sleepy fish, were you already dead?

Was the motion of the sea what brought my clever claws to your head

As you rock around in your spot, I can’t help but seem to notice

Is it the sky or the sea that will boat us?

What basket of similarities keep you afloat and also a moat around land that I can so happily live and around it float

You see, I bloat and you blow bubbles above sand

And when they pop, I cause you some trouble

Because I can see your reflection doubled

I see your soul leaving the sea, as you dream

I see you as vulnerably as one sees the sea.


Image: Gabrielle Hope

Seagull and Fish Skeleton, Waiheke Island


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