Honey Nut

In crunchy snow we met

The time was dripping wet, all the happy

And all the sad

In the city iron clad

Melted that night when we held fucked and for hours on hours we held hands

I cannot forget

We screwed into eachother like a bolt in an door

Whoever was wooden really needed the other more

But a metal exit to anyone would feel just as sore

When the spirit of loneliness had finally decided to thaw

But our love boils like soup

And in thickness and in health

Reduces eternal lust from an overexcited gloop

It was warm in our laps like honey bears given some sap

This isn’t honey, said the bear while the bee turned off the tap

He’s the bear, I’m the bee

I’m no busier than he

But since him I have been reaching his Great heights among the trees

My nest was always bothered

While instability, uncombed, had hovered

Above a world that had caused me to lose my legs and grow wings, the bear was smothered

His face masked with sweetness but he was never full

And me, a nectar magnet

The reason for it all

Perfectly matched

Like the sea and the sand

I’ll say it again, but the waves are his hands

When they part in curvy bumps

They’re like a sturdy knuckle

I’m the sand holding you together, glad to be your perfect belt buckle

I’ll hold you up, like you’ve propped me up


Circus dancer

Except the audience is only full of me

Your romancer

I’ll go where you’ll go

I’ll watch over you when you sleep

I’ll sting anyone that hurts you

Even though it could mean the end of me.


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