International Women’s Day

What would it be like

To recognise the joys of womanhood

Understand the destiny imposed

By the treasured male Y chromosome

You see, sex is not your brain

Your brain is a brain in itself

An organ that operates over the seconds, minutes and hours

And summons preordained and ancient powers

These powers are:

The ability to stare at yourself in the mirror without touching your hair

Losing a care for the millions of women who sit on bloody chairs, lacking the support needed to push

Push those boobs together

Push the baby is coming

Push the door open yourself, don’t be weak

But don’t push the political agenda of the week

This day of women, tomorrow be the worldwide day of window cleaner

One would wonder which is meaner

Not learning your mind for its truths?

The female brain has empathy but considered aloof

But to know the understanding of the human lies the truth

Not the systematic structures that desperate humans afford one another like endless brutes

Endless brutes we shall birth if we do not educate ourselves on the nature

Of men and women in their nurture of one another’s major

Men build… and so women understand?

Try and build a sandcastle without considering that the sand

Will not harden if washed over by the sea in its wicked wave that goes back and forth

A system of counting perhaps 1,2,3

But on the fourth

A young boy will assemble the tool

The young girl is speaking to a dead fish

A castle without a school

Where will the eggs learn not to die

A straight couple laugh as they stroll by

A sandcastle is a soggy, empty palace

Where will the averages of us go to cement the pillars of averages

Berry foragers and spear throwers in colleges

Thinking education will set them free

But will we really know why the castle falls down on 1,2 and then 3

Will we learn these differences? Or try and adopt the best behaviour?

Why are conversational men and business minded women our saviours?

Can’t it be that the fruitful difference, that recognises that we are all but a see-saw

Keeping the earth balanced and fun

Now you have noticed that one is high while the other is up ..well…none

Other than that building of stable projection

Since a man can encourage another mans erection

What will women do?!

This is to you, the women that don’t bother

To think about what their minds could do

Can’t you see,

The whole world is asking of you to deliver what was delivered to you

Your mother and father created the means to carry on

One of either can be plucked from the universes simple morse code song

We don’t just exist in the mere state of balance

The super sold myths that secrete the chasm

Explore the new truth in your being

Away from glittery productions and glittery being

Being a woman makes you

A beautiful alien that was sold as a green thing with large eyes just for seeing

But those eyes were the dimensions of future civilisation

After wars and accumulation had decidedly eroded whole nations

This is no mans world,

But a women’s future

As the hand that rocks the cradle rules the earth

As the myth of evolutionary domination becomes all the more looser.



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