Own this

The city is there for every big mistake

Over spending and relationship break

Fashion clash and last cigarette

Every Job interview and final regret

The time of arrival is estimated now

The scurrying of people

Old and young

School kids on school trips receiving red dots for being loud

Projecting the future London as a primary coloured memory on a luminous high viz cloud

What makes sense now is not that I wasted time

I finished school and learned right from wrong – along the line

I was lead from the rags to the ‘riches’

Received very few stitches

And hoarded everything tangible while disappearing on the inside like money

On the inside,

Do banks hold the stuff or do numbers just run up

Do women birth babies now or do they just grow up

Do journeys get us there or have we already come by

Come up to the town and see whatever’s got the people looking down

Whatever news has been accrued and is getting the bourgeoisie down

Step down

from the station in which speed is your negotiation

Every mistake, over priced cake

Undercooked steak

Your sun salutation

Is done through plexy glass

Futures past

As long as the now is quick

You’ll never remember to miss it tick

Crumpled news that conversation spews

Is already regarded as lies

But re-guarded by social soldiers who remove smears from mirrors and skies

The black and white coding has pink flesh eroding and must be wiped away before it makes its mark

The homeless man is walking past and you assume you know his heart

The echoing of people under the city marries well with the gunpowdered dark

A nations secrets

As bold as mine

Night catch the Jubilee or Central Line


My grand study is a product of nicotine withdrawal

While my naive reality, a blossoming stool,

Can see the light entering from a stair not elevating

London Town demands effort for the leg extending and never-fretting

Spend and spend well,

Eat here

Feel this

Be a sale selled

Own this


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