Shiny glasses 




There are a million broken vases in a basement with no light

A white turf rolls over the sand in an everlasting delight

A mind is often unvisited like a frozen white sea

While a brain is often cashed a bullet that it wishes it hadn’t seen


Some talk of things being linked forever as such

Like a well and your eyes

Your eyes blinked and touched

Yet you were never scared of desire as you knew that natures wires connect above and under

The thin layer of conscious thought related to by another

Like an antenna telling an optic fiber that a battery is now her lover
Past rivalries are in fact stories

That overlap and then conclude

On nothing you hold in your heart

Minds swing on playground moods

An explosion can’t be heard from under zero miles away

But the mordacity of a disruption can echo for all eternity, they say
Today will undo tomorrow

Like your bra strap or a knot

And the beat before you right now will be surely linger and is then forgot

In your room, breathing fumes of the fun and newly sought

But the favorite vase in your basement is now simply a broken pot
We’re sat forever like sand under the impetus of the water

Lost like a sailor I can’t help but hold my breath in the aquatic mermaid slaughter

But sand then burned can magnify suns or even hold cups of seas

So I wonder if your eyes

Sought out to burn or capture me

With eyes like shiny glasses,

Our time it never passes

You meant to wear me like lotion

I’ll wait in the basement of the ocean

and watch as you polish your mind with cold and icy notion

Like solid glass stuck forever in a single eternal shattering motion.


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