Weak limb 


Weak  limb, hide behind me at all times

Hang there even when your dance tires

Remain bent like a swans poised neck

Conceal your veins from the world like they’re live wires

And guard the sore wreck

They’re in for a shock

While you have fun and foolishly forget

That the skinny almond white scars haven’t met this person yet

A fever hits and you’re forgetting to bend

You reached for the ketchup in the middle

And you forgot to conceal while you extend

Now explain why you took a blade to your arm like a fiddle

An old symphony where you became no protégé

Because you were simply alone and no one watched you play

Yet you carried around the case

Like a pretentious teen

Future busking when you couldn’t give up

Cutting into skin without a scream

Remember the journey after when nobody had known,

Sitting on the bus with no idea your reach was set in stone

That the beauty of your flight was restricted

To the wall of your back

That nobody would take you seriously if you always stood like that

Wasn’t drained of blood, not once given my all

I’m now a celebrity of what never happened at all

Except when eyes flash at my wrists

I smile instead of hide,

“Because only a fool would slit their wrists when they’re dying on the inside”

The sun tells me this, as it breathes hot air in my face

Crying tears all down my arms while I sweat in guilty, regretful disgrace

Preventable annoying disgrace

So I must get on this hot buss red faced

While other girls wear small tops and swing strong limbs all over the place


The nerves shakes my skeleton on the happiest of days

Nights out, hot days at work and the many school sports days

Weak limb, it stays behind at all times except those

That hide me in the dark or in the beautiful freedom of clothes
These days were the best

No straining swan has me looking like a T-Rex

The dawn of the ’emo’ had no stress

No job interviews or boys that she adored best

At home the grand unveiling stung like a stone to the eye

One watches in resentment while the other strangely cries

Though you are not even sad

This is common as a bird

Singing sadly in the morning and is neither listened to nor heard

Weak limb you are a performer, though please don’t forget your form

You must act alone from the body

And wear shackles for uniform

You must dance till you sweat

You must conceal when you extend

You must listen to me carefully, and bring that weak limb to the bend


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