*dun-dun* Double jeopardy 

In only recently knowing what this term means after looking it up, I couldn’t help compare it to the constant flux of ‘is your partner cheating’ articles. Although I definently should have known such terminology as I have spent 45% of my Sunday nights eating crisps, dry-eyed until 3am as I binge watch Law and Order (I don’t discriminate, any one will do), it now rests in my mind as a suitable term for the following. Apparently nowadays the temptation to cheat is at our fingertips and is said to be common amongst our modern behaviors. If one in the relationship cheats, they may feel suspicious the other is. Especially as we’re all retweeing and posting about it, rather mysteriously. Then the logical follow up after the accusation is probably to never accuse them again, for it seems that well, you have already done that. Perhaps you’ve realized the hypocrisy? My amusement here is within the legality of relationships, the true showman-ship. Let us not accuse once without evidence, let us wait for the right moment or else we are legally bound to remain quiet on the matter. Whether a person restricts their partner or themselves to double jeopardy in the event of suspicion, it appears that the brain works to exhume justice but can often fail miserably. This can leave people more confused and pedaling even more confusion. For it is not only the jeopardizing of the relationship that arrives and becomes evident when one lies or one suspects lies but the double jeopardy in any situation is going to hit. An accusation unwarranted sucks, but an accusation at the wrong time or that smokes you out is gonna cost ya. Skim over these articles and status posts that the world is, as I said, mysteriously feeding you with and reconnect with your sense. Not only is it a clever way for e-magazines to draw your paranoid thumbs towards them (click bait sucks), but it is just another creation of double-thought delusion within our online lives. To think you shouldn’t think about something and brush it under the carpet because you don’t want to be a psycho will probably turn you into a psycho. It is important for people to remember that there’s not much you can do after the carousel starts turning so before you get on, just ask yourself… ‘Did I truly think this before I read this?’ ‘In reading this am I anymore aware?’ ‘Can I afford to emotionally digest this as a concern of mine?’ ‘In rebloging this am I aware now or am I just lying?’ Long story short quit clogging up my social media with these administrate ports of paranoia (and tears but hey, my nose also runs when I cry which I have come to know after a few really painfully sad episodes of L&O- if you know you know). Laws and loopholes belong in courtrooms and on television and cheaters are no more equipped with a phone than they are with their own innately deficient sense of morale. It is my firm believe that young people such as myself are falling victim to a poor understanding of how to manage things. Whether or not you use your phone to spy on your lover or you wish to become a liberal love guru, the repetition of the often anxious online society mostly reveals more about them than it does you. Stay woke and take your reality into consideration before you potentially tarnish it. 



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