God’s tab


A million coins in a shallow well, a single wish had begun to swell
His wish was mine too and so, in the face of two faces a silver lining did show, the outskirts of us, we’d soon come to know
We rose to sides our faces couldn’t see, in the reflections of water that didn’t keep us clean
Baptised in crowned hope, and our hope only, nor he nor I could have guessed a life so lonely
By my side but sworn to a war, and I never even knew what for
Beyond the gates of heaven, but hand in hand through hells door
Was it simply to get away, to lose yourself to a cause that would have enulled a heavy guilt that previously kept you home at our front door
Sworn to a resistance against me for being so heavily wrapped round you like the viper on the tree? A love so hot it burnt cold feet and betrayal so great it left mankind great feats
Love is God’s punishment for vanity unspoilt, even the both of you couldn’t love with the self, instead you’ll point fingers until your heart is boiled, awaiting hell together with smouldering skin
Eternally, we beckon like hearts, for my own living beat, had torn in half into parts
Two own pieces, like two broken fists, love is shared between too and feels half shared just as such
Half a song might be too common a thing to compare, to a heart beat that rings half as full like a bird who can not sing except when abesent in despair
A song it is no longer, just the truth of love and it’s ‘capacity’ to change the weak into the stronger?!
It’s cold blooded change in temperature then makes Death her own brother before committing to Betrayal after seeking one another
The silver living of us, is gambled and enacting chance, and remains a golden mystery to the winner’s sacrificial rants
The heresy at play is delightful, but understandable too. In order to beat the house my love, you must simply love me too.


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