Despite their extraordinary Mary-Poppins hand-bag ability of  packing in a whole bunch of meaning with very few words, the modern ‘meme’ has become so common it somewhat disappoints. What seemed to have started as a internet fashion similar to that objective for online humour executed by ‘trolls’ (i.e. The way in which information on the internet is altered and online intentionally re-used for comedic effect) a huge celebration of this form has taken over as a natural form of expression for the masses. For example, an image or slogan from a tv show, presidential speech or a new internet sensation will become viral within a matter of hours. Destroying the already shrinking time difference between online users, people will often see the meme before the original footage or source and use it to fit in with their own joke or post. This seems completely harmless and to some extent ingenious. The internet transforms into a comedy lounge whereby the most relatable ‘spot on’ memes will gain the most notoriety before becoming a fad, an old joke that people resent upon its use. The use of the meme in all avenues of popular news, media and culture has such weight that it can possibly dictate a celebrities future fame, if popular sales may rise and if unpopular, go figure. They can even grant a common citizen like you or I a place in the world of popular culture. As easy as it might be to understand the correlation between the high use of phones amongst the population and it’s role in the media wheel, it might not be as welcoming to start questioning it. After seeing a trillion political memes that aren’t very political at all (and I’m rather scared by the actual number of memes I have seen), I truly believe that they could be responsible for making our civilisation less political or on a less dramatic note less aware. Unlike a satirical cartoon, the message is not buried inbetween the lines of facts, albeit often exaggerated pompously drawn ones. Instead, a meme delivers nothing but a trick that is inherently void of the much needed skill of deduction. Someone has simply ruled out 99% of the image or phrase used and injected it with the golden meme popularity serum. The meme, which is essentially a vessel for comedy, has been made into a relatable, de-politicised internet sensation that inevitably becomes a fad. The lifespan of news and its relevance to people, I believe, has been partnered with the lifespan of memes as they generate immediately after the source. Psychologically, I question what good it can do when memes are made about varied world predicaments or global news. What does this recycling of information in a fixed joke structure without any discussion do to our sense of what is important online and elsewhere? Isn’t it a tad strange that the way in which we manage and spread world news about inequity or forward popularity to those who do not deserve is a swipe or tap away? The grave future I am discussing here can be explained and demonstrated by the changing attitudes of news outlets and their fast adoption of internet fashion. The world has accepted selfies and twitter interactions as common forms of expression, but how many of us can say that these things make the world go round, or is that strangely a difficult question to answer now? It is because of its high adoption rate that means it can dominate and influence businesses. And as we know, governments and news agencies are essentially businesses. My question for you is, how far will we go as a people when our lazy humours and  fashions are presented so meme-etically (I’m limited here) that we don’t bother questioning ourselves or the businesses that dictate us? Perhaps this is the start of global internet propaganda, propagated by the masses. Or perhaps, this is an exaggeration made by me, in order to gain a relatable reaction from you and potential a share and thus potential fame. Who knows? It’s all about me, me, me. Weird eh?

Below are a few examples of common memes from a simple google image search that would be sent between friends and posted absolutely everywhere and anywhere. 

#memes #dumberanddumber 


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