Human proofing technology 

With squeaky clean eyes The enamel of the eye 

One might not put his fists to his sockets and rub deeply in order to gain a clearer look 

Always giving attention to one place and not the other

A decay that renders kids speechless and unable to speak 

Like lemon cheesecake, neither right nor wrong 

The throngs of life are characterised as ‘chaos’

But mixing each colour in a paint pot is lazy 

And browns the truth of just what 

And why things are never the same 

And always are 

Like a pieces of dog shit never same but will always often repeat 

The sound of an automatic air freshener, never a signature of the same beat 

When the particles dissipate 

The state in which the state left will also create a new weight

May we zoom out into hindsight and in a painting see a portrait 

Repetitions and deductions must now wait 

As the world is like a reception of a lemon cheesecake, too fixated on it’s own taste, its own widely discussed fate

Sharp and sweet, like the annals of history, never complete

But a record follows the human retreat, and the tech beckons to our every human feat.  

Rosie May Collins 


One thought on “Human proofing technology 

  1. Are there any topics you want to write about but haven’t started yet?

    I think you’ve inspired me to want to write myself now
    Thank you 💕


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