The body I owned had ran away

The saddest stomach, you’ll see

My motherly law disappeared at night

From spring till winter, I cried each night


Now my head pounds with each day a haze

How I wish I could return to the days

Where rosy blood never arrived then left

And left me barren like the seed of death


My eyes cannot help but gaze the girl

With defined sharp, dents in her stomachs with curls

That dangle down her skinny back

It’s not her fault, no, not her attack


It was I, my genes, the ones that don’t fit

With pockets of sadness all hinged on the hip

They say with these meds and some crude exercise

The depression within will starve and then die


But no, I am always hungry, hungrier than I am

The taste never satisfies, my stomach always kicks and cries

While sugar be my worst enemy in disguise

But at least i’m getting fatter thighs


Alone is the girl who was cursed, so they say

She is often torturing herself, her vision of the world slight

But I am here for you little girl

The girl who stayed up countless nights


May you cross that bridge and keep on going

In your own glass globe it is always snowing

But there is hope, you elegant soul

It’s time to make each other whole


But I cannot tell you

If I did just that

Then I would be skinny

and sadly, that

would be that.









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