The penny drops,

and guess what…it’s branded!

Like us, wearing swanky shoes,

but the poor? *stamp* REPRIMANDED.


CHANGE……is a poor mans thing,

for only he truly bears the weight of the coin,

these depthless, faceless things.
A shiny nickel gleams at “what a bum might do”,

but tell me, what could a shiny nickel really change for you?


You, yes you, the benefactor of nothing,

contributing your money to a lot of over-the-counter bluffing.


Someone who shits cash regularly,

like the arse of an ATM,

eyes watering over watermarks,

change sunken to the bottom of tins.


Flows of cash will drown your change,

and your account of this life will remain the same,

a penny is a poor man’s bid to fame,

like The Rich Man’s Pound will entertain.




4 thoughts on “£

  1. ‘CHANGE……is a poor mans thing,

    for only he truly bears the weight of the coin,’

    Is this yours? Damn profound stuff
    I read your writing lowkey when you share the links on twitter
    Do you like talking about your content? I have nobody to discuss it with but really want to right now


    1. Yeah 🙂 wow thank you that’s so cool of you to share that with me, dying for feedback really. I don’t spend much time on them but I’m working on something properly now so hopefully you’ll like that too! Thanks 🙂


      1. No problem
        I’ll contact you about it (inequality especially) when I feel less shy haha but is there anywhere else you upload your art? Like do you do spoken word or anything else!


      2. I wish, I have posted on tumblr before. Would be happy to share once I cut away the truly embarrassing stuff haha. I’m looking to really up the variety though, was my New Years res and everything. And sure, contact me whenever!


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