The Crude Companion

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Bonds are found and not created. Like a pair of sought-after roller skates in a charity shop, it is unlikely they were donated by somebody who didn’t like skating. It is within that untraceable, yet congenial process where the passion for skating, which previously lie unborn is given life.

The random acquisition of your new companion can seem strangely ergonomic, like roller skates that luckily seem to fit and only cost you a quid.

Where have you been all my life? You may find yourself saying about a person. You might even see or feel the damage by those who were previously bonded before you. But onward you will go, embracing the innate spontaneity of this fair allegiance, this marriage of coincidence. Even if one puts the skates away, it is important to remember those moments given by a world we don’t see. The mystical place where thoughts, ideas and passions pluck us from separate fields and forcibly guide us to pollinate each others lives.

This must be a part of the cosmic web, for what we befriend becomes a part of us, as we are so becoming parts of them, contributing to the destiny of those around us and away from us. From your wardrobe to my feet.






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