Strangers In The Forest

A short story about a Tejano family all alone in a very shady town.


Prickly Poetry

I have always loved writing poetry, despite never being able to go anywhere WITH it. I like to gift wrap events of my personal life in poetry. It is a prickly process, too much tape and a sliding pair of scissors.

Honey Nut

In crunchy snow we met The time was dripping wet, all the happy And all the sad In the city iron clad Melted that night when we held fucked and for hours on hours we held hands I cannot forget We screwed into eachother like a bolt in an door Whoever was wooden really needed … Continue reading Honey Nut

The Tunnel

I am crawling through a tunnel with a ceiling Thinner than skin Why don't you just burst through Says the zombie citizen He says the skin is ample Like a fat lady's ankle Fatty on the outside And swollen like ageing apples Peeled away, another day Like skin from skin We'll separate Skin grows anew … Continue reading The Tunnel

Over Dramatic

----------- Self medication And the ability to draw out the damnation That writhes through every weak joint In the brain that rattled every bad thought Through the angry drain It shakes and shakes until the lumps become small Until they're unnoticeable And fly though blood like hormones When a whore moans is she telling the … Continue reading Over Dramatic